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I love sports. I love playing them, watching them, reading about them, talking about them. As a Dad I secretly hoped my kids would want to play (I would have been just as happy with healthy tuba players!) and they didn’t disappoint! I loved watching what sports did and continue to do for them. I believe it teaches a person team concepts, how to work with others and provides a foundation for physical fitness that you can take with you throughout your whole life. As I watched my kids play I noticed that personally I had forgot this lesson. I have a beautiful loving wife and two daughters that amaze me every day but I wasn’t taking the time to take care of myself. It’s hard to pinpoint when it happened but at some point exercise had faded all the way out. In its place came an unhealthy physical being prone to skipping out on overdoing it. The old me used to throw out my back and walk sideways for weeks. The me now tweaks my back and hits the rower instead of the 400m warm up run. The old me (around 39 yrs old) needed to do something so I started with a trainer but though I appreciate the foundation I got it wasn’t as consistent as I needed.

On a whim I stopped by the Crossfit gym on my way home from work. Knowing nothing about it somehow from the first workout it grabbed me! Just like a kid I had a Coach again. The Coach directed the workout, all I had to bring was my effort!! That was the immediate lure but underneath that was the people. To anyone outside the community it’s hard to put to words how incredible it feels to witness people in every walk of life getting better every time you see them! Crossfit for me started as physical growth but as I sit here and write this I’m affected everyday by people. A friend of a friend posted a video of herself making it up the rope for the first time and I can tell you that not knowing her didn’t make me any less proud of her. Climbing a rope is scary, as challenging as It is physically I give the nod to mentally. I remembered how I felt when I had that same moment and I was immediately fired up! As impressed as I am watching elite athletes compete some of the best moments come from simply watching a person’s confidence grow simply because they have pushed themselves way past what they believed they were capable of. Again, so powerful it’s a challenge to put into words, I just go back to it fires me up! I just celebrated my 45th birthday and am happy to say that I’m still grinding it out and even hitting PR’s. l love working with the coaches and definitely do need that voice telling me to “pick up the bar”. Some days I’m my biggest critic but days like today feel really good. To anyone searching, try it. You will love how it makes you feel on the outside for sure but the inside is where the magic is.



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