Different Diets, Same Goal

Does it really matter what diet you follow? The goal remains the same.
Mason Klein
September 21, 2023
Different Diets, Same Goal

Our Diet Remains The Same

It doesn't matter if you go Paleo, Vegetarian, or Mediterranean, the overall goal should be the same. Eat real food, not too much, and focus on hitting your protein goal.

Real food doesn't have labels (most the time) food products or processed food does.

How do I know if I'm eating too much? In simple terms; are you consistently gaining weight? You're likely eating (or drinking) too many calories. This is different from the question: "are you unable to lose weight?" The answer could actually be you need to eat more food. Surprising and confusing lol. We will save that for another day.

Focus on protein by eating at least .7g of protein per pound of bodyweight. Ideally getting closer to 1g/lb of bodyweight. If you do this and add a bit of carbs in the form of complex carbs plus vegetables to your plate then it's likely a balanced amount of food.

PRO TIP: If I need to eat 200g of protein/day and typically eat 4 meals/day then I split each meal to have 50g of protein. Easy peasy. Don't fall behind on the protein.

Even easier: Plan 2 snacks during the day that are protein like hardboiled eggs or plant based protein shakes. Now take 10g protein away from each meal because we are filling that with high protein snacks. Keeps you full and away from the snack drawer.

PS.....Don't make this difficult. Focus on protein. Eat carbs around your workouts. Fill your plate with non-starchy vegetables. Stick to the perimeter of the grocery store....all the naughty things are in the center isles 😂 IF you don't buy it then you can't eat it!

PSS..If you're feeling stuck, reach out and let one of our coaches help you. Seriously we live for this stuff! Helping people become their healthiest and happiest self is our love language. Just click this link and schedule an intro. Talk soon 😄

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