Goal Specific Training

How to hit goals with the help of your coach!
September 5, 2023
Goal Specific Training

Call me a CrossFit purist...but I believe coming in 3-5x/week and doing the WOD will yield just about all the results you could ever want (along with proper nutrition and recovery of course). Think back to why you started CrossFit to begin with, it was likely to hit a goal body weight or fit back into your favorite jeans after a month of summer vacationing 😅.

But after a few months you catch the CrossFit bug and those goals start to change....losing 10lbs matters a lot less to you now and doing a ring muscle up is all you care about! You just want to conquer that goal and no matter how many times it pops up in class it just isn't clicking. Is it time to quit and join your local gymnastics gym until you reach that goal? Let's dive into the topic of biasing your workouts based on your goals.

It's Goal Time!

One thing we really pride ourselves on at Revelry is our Quarterly Goal Reviews. We sit down and chat about whats going well right now, and where our training should be going next. You'd be surprised how easy it is to hit a HUGE goal when you start setting small ones along the way.

Having your coach know exactly what you're working towards allows that coach to scale the workout to help reach that goal. In a way, we can slightly bias the WOD. I say slightly because our programming may be varied BUT it certainly isn't random. There is an overall goal to what we are doing each day, each month, even each year! I'll save the whole meso, micro, and macro cycle talk for another post 😎.

So what does this look like?

Coach can push you to increase your load some days or decrease and hold onto the bar for more reps for endurance training. Scaling reps on a pull up workout to focus on mechanics each set while sticking to the time domain. Or even adding in dips during a ring muscle up workout if your limiting skill is the press out. We are here to tailor to your specific goal within the parameters of that workouts stimulus. This is the art of coaching.

PS....if you're working on a sport specifically...or aspire to go to the CrossFit Games, our training bias is going to look A LOT different. Stayed tuned for next weeks blog as we dive into sport specific training!



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