Protein Powder Showdown

Which whey protein is best for me and my fitness goals? Whey concentrate, isolate, or hydrolysate? Is plant protein as good as whey?
Mason K
August 18, 2023
Protein Powder Showdown

Hey there, aspiring CrossFit Games athletes and muscle mommies! It's time to put on our coaching hats and dive into the world of protein powders. You know, those magical supplements promising to turn your biceps into pythons and your quads into tree trunks. But before you go flexing, let's break down the most common protein supps. Whey Concentrate, Whey Isolate, Whey Hydrolysate, and a quick nod to plant-based protein too.

The Whey Trilogy

1. Whey Concentrate: The Laid-Back Bro

Think of Whey Concentrate as the friendly guy at the gym who's there to spot you but doesn't take himself too seriously. It's got a bit of everything - protein, carbs, and some fats, just like the all-around nice guy.  Sure, it might not be as ripped as its siblings in the protein world, but it's cost-effective and keeps it real. A great option for those who want gains without maxing out their credit weary if you typically have issues with lactose/dairy as this bro comes with some of that baggage.

2. Whey Isolate: The Lean Machine

Now we're talking! Whey Isolate is the gym rat who only eats chicken and broccoli. It's the protein punch without the extra baggage mentioned above- a higher protein content and minimal carbs and fats. It's like the protein powder equivalent of a precision workout, hitting the target without any fluff. Taking the concentrate from above and isolating the whey protein from the dairy solids that come with it. Concentrate has about 18g of protein per 100cals. Isolate has 23g of protein per 100cals making it a more pure and cleaner version of whey.

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3. Whey Hydrolysate: The Fast-Track Freak

If Whey Hydrolysate were a person, it'd be the one who warms up while you're still lacing your sneakers. This stuff is pre-digested, meaning it's broken down into smaller peptides that your body can absorb faster than you can say "burpee." It's the Ferrari of protein powders, designed for those who need rapid recovery and a streamlined protein infusion. Just be ready to part with some extra cash for this high-octane goodness.

Bioavailability Battle Royale

Now, let's talk bioavailability - the secret handshake between your body and the protein it craves. Whey Isolate and Whey Hydrolysate are the golden tickets here. These protein powders are absorbed faster than your gym crush's latest Instagram post. Whey Concentrate, while not as snappy, still gets the job done. And plant-based protein? Well, it's like getting to the party a bit late, but hey, it's a solid effort.

Plant Power Play

Now, for our veggie-loving pals, let's not forget about plant-based protein powders. They're the ones making waves among the avocado-toast enthusiasts. Pea, rice, hemp, and other plant sources might not have the glamour of whey, but they bring their own unique benefits to the table. They're earthy, eco-friendly, and perfect for those who want to add extra protein to their diets without eating animal based products. When choosing a plant based protein powder, its super important to choose a BLEND of multiple protein sources. This is to ensure a complete amino acid profile and get the most out of our supplement. Cost is typically similar to whey concentrate so it is easy on the wallet! Chug fast, this stuff gets extra thick if you let it sit too long.

In conclusion, when it comes to protein powders, the smaller the peptide/easier to digest, the more $$$ you'll have to part with to get it.

We love Isolate because of its affordability and super low dairy solids (like lactose) making it easy on your budget and your stomach!

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So, flex those options, pump that knowledge, and keep those protein shakers shaking, because the gains are waiting, no matter which protein powder path you choose!

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