Get That Ego Outta The Way

Mason Klein
September 25, 2023
Get That Ego Outta The Way

Ego: the self especially as contrasted with another self or the world.


What is your ego telling you?

A prospective client walks in the door with a problem to solve. Help achieving XYZ goals. Well guess what, they are in luck, those are EXACTLY the types of things we solve at Revelry.

We learn all about what they are currently doing to solve those goals/problems and give insight plus a path to achieving them.

They are doing it! Finally doing the thing to solve the problem.......

...then ego speaks up.

"I can't eat like that. Lifting heavy doesn't work for me. I don't want to get bulky. I don't have that much time. I read that I need to lift lighter. Only running helps me lose weight. I'm too old."

That prospective client did their research when finding our gym. Checked Google reviews and listened to client testimonials. All the proof needed to trust Revelry would be the best fit to solve the problem! Had they just checked their ego at the door....we could already be on the path to conquering new and bigger goals.

Ego, pride, self-respect. It is only human to try and avoid the pain of learning we are wrong. It's hard to admit we need help. It's hard to accept that our choices have been taking years from our life and happiness. Ouch.

We want so badly to cling to a fixed idea of who we are. Especially since most of us idealize our past self.

So when it's time to settle with the fact that you are aging and with that comes a new set of challenges like actually being thoughtful with how you eat, we let ego take over and protect us from that unsettling feeling.

No person ever steps into the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and one is not the same person.” -Heraclitus

Beginners Mindset

If we can approach a tough convo, something that challenges our ego with a beginners mindset, eager to learn and grow, life suddenly gets a lot easier. We actually learn and get better!

Lean in...listen...see what you can learn.

PS....Ego is a great thing! It is what makes lol. When that ego tries to help you stick to a fixed illusion of yourself is when things get tough.

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