My Kid Can Lift More Than You

Help Your Kid Develop Confidence.
Mason Klein
September 18, 2023
My Kid Can Lift More Than You

Well....maybe he can't lift more, but, I'm willing to bet his snatch form is better than 99% of the population. And he's not even 2.

Sponge Mode In Full Effect

My son, Avi, has never had a formal personal training session. He watches people move in class since the day he was born. He is in the gym watching people cheer for each other, lift stuff, and move their bodies to stay healthy and happy. He is ALWAYS in motion. The gym is Avi's happy place!

Knowing how to swing a small kettlebell, row, deadlift, clean, snatch, burpee, push-up, overhead squat, all before his second birthday......pretty cool party tricks! Will Avi make it to the Olympics in Weightlifting? I sure hope so! But more important is that he is already developing a deep love for movement and a feeling of community and pride when working out with others. That's some pretty powerful stuff.

In an age where kids are constantly being attacked by social media and by their favorite celebs on how to look and feel about themselves, CrossFit can be a lighthouse the help cut through the fog of BS.

Developing that love for movement and a sense of pride with all the things our bodies can do builds confidence. Shifting the convo from "my body looks like this, and should look like that" to "look what my body can do and how strong I am."

So....what's stopping you from getting your kids into the gym? Have more questions about getting started? Just jump onto our calendar and lets chat about how to get started!

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