Workout Like it's Your Job.

September 12, 2023
Workout Like it's Your Job.

To piggyback on last weeks blog post about biasing our training, I thought it would be eye-opening to see how sport specific training should change our approach to the WOD.

Since we all do CrossFit...why not dive into the topic of training specifically to make it to the CrossFit Games!

Identify Your Weaknesses

To crush The CrossFit Games, you must be well-rounded. Good at everything, bad at nothing. Take a brutally honest look at your current strengths and weaknesses.

Your training should focus on improving your weaknesses while maintaining your strengths. Whether it's gymnastics, Olympic lifting, or endurance, targeted improvement

is crucial. Games-level athletes invest considerable time in honing specific skills and movements. Regularly incorporate skill work sessions to master advanced

gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, and unique Games movements like peg board and sled pushes.

Structured Periodization

Time to follow a structured periodization plan, breaking the year into distinct phases. These phases encompass an off season for recovery and to keep things fun, a pre-

season to build a strong base, a competition season for peak performance, and post-competition recovery. Each phase has a specific purpose in developing your fitness.

Although our classes do follow structured periodization, there is no event we are working towards. Class has the goal of getting people fit. Sometimes that means working on our Olympic Lifts for a few weeks, other times we prioritize running and our cardiovascular system to get really freaking conditioned.

Volume + Intensity + Recovery = Results

We gotta train with high volume and intensity. Multiple daily sessions, focusing on strength, conditioning, skill work, and recovery. Be prepared to commit substantial time

and energy to your training. Nutrition and recovery are paramount. Plan on skipping those late nights out with your party people. Prioritize sleep, mobility, and active

recovery techniques like massage and chiropractic to keep your body in peak condition.

If this stuff fires you up, you might have what it takes! As for me...the plan is to keep working out, having fun, and maybe the compounding time will yield a fit body into my older years. Whatever your goal is, keep pushing, and make sure you have fun doing it.

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